patrick fileti


Patrick Fileti is an award-winning filmmaker & photographer working worldwide. Born in Florence, Italy, Fileti was influenced early on by the sensibilities of European cinema culture. Growing up amongst the history, architecture and characters of the city, with a father who was a theatre director, drama and art were in his blood. From early performances on stage, he then found his way into photography. After nearly a decade working in Television in London, Fileti went on to study Directing and Cinematography in Barcelona, where he honed his craft in film. Fileti's ambition to create purposeful & emotionally charged content is rooted in his belief that images speak to the soul of the viewer. His work is shaped by a passion for beauty, thought-provoking imagery and an intimate character. Fileti's ability to work intuitively with actors and real people alike to evoke heartfelt performances is key to the success of his work. His versatility as a director has seen him create award winning commercials for brands such as Canon, Samsung, Vodafone and Lexus. Notably his campaign for Coca Cola was awarded three Gold, two Silver and four Bronze at the Cannes Advertising Awards.