milica zec and winslow porter


Milica Zec and Winslow Porter are dedicated to synthesizing storytelling, art and technology into groundbreaking and emotional projects. They utilize virtual, augmented, mixed and actual reality to tap into positive social change and explore the human experience. Their work aspires to invigorate viewers whether in a large-scale experiential installation or an intimate at-home viewing. As a highly collaborative team, they partner with corporations, foundations, and artists from all disciplines to help elevate their message. At the 2016 Sundance New Frontier festival, Milica and Winslow premiered “Giant,” a VR film portraying an American family in an active war zone. “Giant” is one of the first VR projects to combine semi-volumetric live action video with game engine software. “Tree,” an experiential piece in which the viewer takes on the body of a growing tree, premiered at the 2017 Sundance New Frontier followed by another run at the 2017 tribeca Film Festival. Their socially connected augmented reality experience, “Breathe,” is in early stages of development.