kris belman


Originally from Akron, Kris Belman graduated from Loyola Marymount University's School of Film and Television. In order to fulfill a course requirement in his third year of undergraduate studies, Kris began principal photography on the documentary More Than a Game, about the high school years of LeBron James. Upon graduation, Kris continued directing the film, shifting its focus to feature length. After five years of filming, editing, and maxing out credit cards, Kris enlisted help to finish the feature length 2008 film. Kris’ first commercial project was a Gatorade sponsored 2009 documentary series 'REPLAY,' featuring NFL greats Peyton and Eli Manning. The project was such a success that it spawned two other seasons on Fox Sports Net. Over the years Kris has shot a number of successful campaigns including Dove’s ‘Beauty Patch’ film and a three-part campaign for YouTube. Most recently a Burger King campaign that Kris directed, which explained net neutrality using the whopper, went viral; receiving over 4m views on YouTube in a week’s time. Kris is also working on a feature length comedic documentary titled “Doppelganger."