Fans of the FX hit show Legion had the opportunity to tap into the mind of Marvel comic character David Haller at the FXhibition during San Diego Comic Con 2017.

Using Microsoft Hololens, audiences were emerged into a world of mixed reality to discover a memory during questioning. Much like the show, one finds themselves becoming confused and disoriented – not knowing whether or not the memory holds authenticity to the character. With help from girlfriend Syd, the truth is revealed – and the adventure begins.

The Sessions experience drops the audience into the narrative of David, creating an unforgettable immersive experience for lovers of the show plot lines. Mixing reality by using interactive objects and animation with live actors and physical environments, Here Be Dragons worked closely with MPC to bring this new category of sensory experience to life.


Legion revolves around Haller’s tale as a young man misdiagnosed with schizophrenia from childhood, who later discovers his extraordinary powers as a mutant. Throughout the creation of the AR experience chronicling his life, Here Be Dragons collaborated with MPC  to build an unprecedented hardware and software pipeline allowing users to live out scenes from the show’s first season in David Haller’s hospital room. The capabilities of Microsoft Hololens allowed for a unique scan of the room for each participant, allowing for CG objects to appear in front of the user as they would in a physical environment.

Once the AR environment was solidified and integrated into the headsets, real-life actors memorized the location of each virtual object in the room, in preparation to perform for each participant without breaking their sense of presence. The emotional commitment to the role displayed by the actors combined with the interactive technology to create an immersive MR experience drawing interest and anticipation for the Comic-Con event.

The premiere of Sessions sold-out in minutes, with stand-by lines circling around multiple city blocks by the installation. Fans and press alike found themselves truly immersed by the experience.




Justin Denton

Executive Producers
Patrick Milling-Smith, Luisa Murray

Jesse Lehrhoff

Original Soundtrack
Dražen Bošnjak, Q Department


Head of VR & Immersive, MPC
Tim Dillon

Senior Producer, MPC
Carly Wilson

VFX Supervisor, MPC
Jason Schugardt

Lead Developer, MPC
AJ Campbell



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