Justin Denton


Justin Denton is a Texas-born director, artist, and the executive technical director at Here Be Dragons. By mixing a blue-collar work mentality, an innate passion for the fine arts, and a 15-year career in feature and commercial visual effects, Denton found his calling by telling stories through technology. He began his directing career with the VR experience Beware Crimson Peak at Comic-Con for Legendary Entertainment, and then went on to write and direct the independent short film Burlap, which has shown at over 20 festivals in both traditional and VR formats, including Fantastic Fest, Cinequest, and Beyond Fest. Denton co-created Ghost in the Shell VR for Paramount Pictures and The Possible: Listening to the Universe. Most recently, he directed the critically acclaimed mixed reality experience Legions: Sessions, which debuted at Comic-Con 2017.