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dougal wilson

Dougal Wilson is a director famed for his iconic music videos and commercials. His unique style has influenced filmmakers and artists around the world.

A physics graduate from Durham University, Dougal began his career as a copywriter before becoming a director at Blink. Since then, he is responsible for directing an impressively diverse body of work. He has directed commercials for several global brands, winning D&AD Pencils in 2006 for his Orange ‘Dance’ spot, and again in 2008 for his Big Yellow Storage video.

Dougal’s music videos have been equally celebrated for their playful, charming flair. He has won Best Music Video Director at the British CADS twice, as well as claiming The Best Video of the Year twice at The Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. His video for Bat For Lashes ‘What’s A Girl To Do’, won the Best Video of 2007 at the Antville Music Video Awards and was nominated for MTV Best Video award. Dougal has also collaborated with Coldplay, Goldfrapp, The Streets, Will Young, Basement Jaxx, Dizzee Rascal, Benassi and Jarvis Cocker, to name but a few.

Dougal’s work includes COI’s ‘Fire Safety’ for Rainey Kelly, Orange’s ‘RockCorps’ campaign for Fallon, and Coca-Cola’s ‘Yeah Yeah Year La La La’ through Mother. Most recently, Dougal created adverts for Hovis and Renault, as well as directing the brilliantly charming video for Temper Trap’s single, ‘Love Lost’ and winning his first music video D&AD for it in 2011.

Dougal has maintained a passion for creating music videos as do his fans for viewing his work. His music videos are screened annually at festivals worldwide and continue to inspired new generations of directors across the globe.

For non-VR projects in the UK with Dougal Wilson, please contact Blink.

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