david gelb


David Gelb is a filmmaker born-and-raised in New York. His feature length documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, made a splash with audiences and critics on the festival circuit. The film redefined how storytellers capture the genius of chefs and their creations. Jiro’s immense success led to the creation of The Chef’s Table, a Netflix series helmed by David, which peers into the inner workings of the world’s greatest restaurants and the brains behind them. The show has earned international praise and garnered an Emmy nomination. Netflix has already green-lit a second season. David’s most recent project, A Faster Horse, details the 50-year history of the Ford Mustang, from conception to legend. David weaves the story with trademark candor and compassion. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to critical acclaim.

As David’s body of work continues to develop, a thematic through-line is rising to the surface: he is interested in the obsessiveness of artists operating at the peak of their talents. David’s singular ability to translate the plight of genius to everyday life is what makes his work accessible and inspiring for many. Oftentimes, David’s visual language reaches far beyond tone or genre norms. Speed ramping to capture the drizzle of ingredients and pairing an introspective Philip Glass-esque score over the scene of a busy kitchen are just two hallmarks of his atypical approach to storytelling. David’s penchant for wielding technical precision to elicit strong emotions makes him an ideal creator for Here Be Dragons.

Recently, David directed Here Be Dragons first original VR series The Possible.  The 5-part series from General Electric and Mashable explores the world of scientific and technological breakthroughs. Each episode highlights inventors and tells their stories of discovery, failure, and success leading to the moment when they made the impossible, possible.