Created by Guy Shelmerdine, Catatonic is an immersive journey through an insane asylum in which the audience, bound to a wheelchair, undergoes a sensory-shocking horror thrill ride. Participants will be ushered into a custom-built wheelchair by live nurses in 1940s uniforms. The design of the chair resembles a padded cell: a unique blend of comfort and paralysis. The viewer will then be fitted with a Samsung Gear headset and headphones. In the virtual environment, the “patient” / audience member is ushered through the psychiatric wing, experiencing the full brunt of madness within. Along with the 360º 3D immersion of VR, the patient will also feel jolts emanating from a ButtKicker™, a vibrating device built into the base of the wheelchair. The many moving parts of Catatonic build to a cacophony of terror and depravity one has to experience to believe.



Experiential Work Reel